Architecture, Landscape & Campus Design

The Architecture, Landscape & Campus Design group provides campus planning and design services for the FAS faculty and administration. We collaborate with OPRP colleagues to provide overall coordination for the architectural and landscape design of FAS' campus development. We are responsible for identifying and examining site development opportunities and strategies, campus improvements, and conceptual designs for space utilization in support of the faculty and academic needs.

We also coordinate with the University's central administration offices on university-wide planning initiatives and provide leadership in their implementation. Examples of recent initiatives are the Harvard Interior Spaces inventory, the Common Spaces study, the Harvard Yard Signage study, and the Holmes Field District planning study.

Our responsibilities:

  • Develop and codify design principles and standards to guide FAS' campus development
  • Develop feasibility studies, conceptual designs and long term strategic plans for FAS' academic initiatives
  • Conduct the architect selection process for capital projects
  • Provide design review for new construction and major renovation projects
  • Oversee FAS landscaping intiatives, ensuring consistency with broader University planning objectives
  • Implementation of sustainable design principles for proposed architecture and landscape projects
  • Ensure appropriate interface and coordination with central administration on FAS campus planning and development



Nazneen Cooper

Assistant Dean for Campus Design and Planning


Graduate School of Design Internship

David De Celis

Bennett Gale

Olivia Heung

Jonathan Rieke

Diana Tao