FAS Energy and Sustainability Team

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) Energy and Sustainability team acts as an umbrella for a wide range of sustainability efforts across FAS, with the goal of reducing the School’s impacts and of integrating resource consciousness into the fabric of FAS institutional, operational, and individual practices.

Included within the FAS Energy and Sustainability Team is the Resource Efficiency Program (REP) is a peer education program for undergraduate students based in Harvard's Houses and Dorms. REPs educate their peers about environmental issues and encourage them to live more sustainably.

Have you noticed an energy-related issue on campus that could be adjusted? Have any questions about energy? Email energy@fas.harvard.edu for next steps

Photo Gallery

  • First-Year students Green Fair

    First-Year students Green Fair

  • Bi-monthly Freecycles

    Bi-monthly Freecycles

  • Green Think Garden

    Green Think Garden

  • REP Steam Plant Tour

    REP Steam Plant Tour

  • FAS Sustainability Tour of Harvard Yard

    FAS Sustainability Tour of Harvard Yard

  • Rain Garden

    Rain Garden